Elite Vapes is Colorado's premier vape shop. We offer a full range of products including starter kits, tanks, VV/VW mods, mechanical mods, RDA's, accessories,  and premium juice. 

Our staff are vapers themselves and are up to date on the latest techniques and products. Our service and dedication to our customers is unsurpassed.


Our goal is to offer the largest, quality selection of supplies, products, and accessories to the vaping community. We continuously conduct research to bring you innovative products that deliver exceptional results. β€‹The ongoing research and training of our attentive team guarantees that our professional knowledge is at the forefront of the latest developments in alternatives to smoking.


Ann was a long term cigarette smoker and found her passion in vaping when she was able to successfully quit the habit 4 years ago.  She prefers mech mods and drippers over regulated mods and tanks and fruity flavors are her favorite! 


Professional procrastinator.

A Caffeine dependent life-form.

Amateur internet scholar. Passionate gamer. General social media geek. Thinker. Bacon fan. Pro Photographer.I tried to be normal once. Worst two minutes of my life. #Beardgameonfleek


Passionate Vapor, all about supporting the naysh!  


Hardcore gamer, anime elitist, comic connoisseur, enjoys being grumpy!


Love cats! Don't like pants.





Certified travel extraordinaire and

beach bum. Not really, I just like going places and being on a beach.


I enjoy long walks on the beach with

a vape in my hand and a song in my

heart. Customer service expert,

professional behavior amateur.


"Just come up with something for me. I'm kinda boring"

Oh and I am an avid vape collector!


Short kid on the block. Would rather

eat a doughnut than vape a doughnut. Colorado native. Only runs from the couch to the fridge during commercial breaks. Future doctor. Music makes me smile :)

Austin F.

14 servings a bag? More like 1 for me! #Thinasathinmint

What's more legit than a little green dude in a shell? #Turtles4lyfe

Life is not a competition, so spread love and peace.

I might be addicted to my job

IG: @wrecklesscreation