THRST and HUNGR have just been added!

I'm stoked to announce the addition of THRST & HUNGR to the lineup. Do yourself a favor and come by and check these out. You won't be disappointed.. Oh yeah, it's also our spotlight Juice Line of the Week. That means buy one get one half off!


Crave- Crave is the warm ooey gooey inside of the cinnamon apple pie, just like Grandma used to make!

Lust- Lust is a fluffy, creamy marshmallow blended with fresh raspberries and a light touch of lemon zest for that extra pop of flavor! A unique, yet intriguing flavor!

Demolish- Demolish is the kind of Pina Colada everyone will love! Juicy pineapple chunks blended beautifully with creamy coconut, a hint of fresh kiwi, & a few other fruits to take you on that vacation you've been dreaming of with every draw!

Feast- Feast is a mouth-watering blend of fresh key lime & creamy french vanilla ice cream poured slowly over layers of graham cracker sprinkles! Oh, and extra whipped cream please!

Splurge- This sweet strawberry banana taffy eliquid is a delicious blend of mouth-wateringly fresh strawberries & candied banana taffy that will leave you wanting to SPLURGE for more!

Blud- Blud Creamsicle is a tantalizing blend of a variety of heavenly oranges blended into a rich, creamy vanilla ice cream. If you're a fan of oranges and/or creamy vapes this is a must try!

Cotton Liquid- Cotton Liquid is a Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy Bubble gum! A flavorful blue raspberry to energize your taste buds blended with a soothing cotton candy to create the most delicious all day bubblegum vape!

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