50 Shades of Custard

The superior caliber of our ingredients and dedicated work of our experienced manufacturing specialists accomplish the incredible sensation that is 50 Shades of Custard. We go to great lengths to acquire the highest quality ingredients and most exotic flavor components. These are then meticulously mixed by our experienced chemist to produce exquisite flavors. Luxurious, heady aromas that scintillate the senses, seducing vapor lovers with tantalizing mists, each a one-of-a-kind experience. Able to satisfy the most discriminating palates, our favors are exquisite, unique, delectable, and exclusively 50 SHADES OF CUSTARD!

Victoria Vanilla- Close your eyes and imagine the most decadent French vanilla blended into a buttery, creamy custard – sensual and luxurious and breathtakingly delicious!

Cinnamon Sommore- Our full-bodied custard kissed with exotic cinnamon flavor is a trio of unexpected blends – sweet and savory, creamy and spicy, thrilling and calming – all at the same time!

Tanya's Truffle Shuffle- Every voluptuous curve of our silky impeccant custard is violated with an adulteration of sticky-sweet butterscotch, rich French vanilla with a pinch of hazelnut and just a taste of butter cookie crisp. Guaranteed to intrigue you in ways you never knew existed.

Kassandra's Key Lime- Balancing perfectly between sweet and sour, our dreamy custard surrenders sweetly to the serenade of key lime’s juicy tartness.

Sophia Strawberry- Bursting with flavor, our velvety whipped custard is seamlessly melted into scrumptious summer strawberries, making a virtual party for the taster’s palate.

Penelope Peach- Our insatiable custard captures exquisitely ripened mellow Georgia peaches into its full-bodied creamy clutches to produce this delectable recipe.

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