528 Customs Goon LP Horizontal Clamp RDA

The Goon LP RDA by 528 Customs is the newest, competition ready edition of the critically acclaimed Goon series RDA, expanding the build deck capability by implementing a new four clamp horizontal system while also including an ULTEM cap and drip tip. Maintaining the 24mm diameter of the original Goon, the Goon LP features a shorter overall height to create a more balanced visual aesthetic while also increasing the rate of airflow delivery during use. Inside, the Goon LP features a newly redesigned two post clamp style deck, with two horizontally mounted clamps per post, increasing overall efficiency and customization versus the shared terminal design of the original. The deck measures 3mm deep, with engravings located in both wells. Airflow enters the Goon LP through two 11mm by 2mm airslots that are throttled by adjusting the AFC top cap. Included in each set is a full ULTEM top cap that mirrors the stock Stainless Steel while benefitting from the excellent combination of extreme heat resistance and durability within a lightweight and transparent material. With either cap, the Goon LP utilizes an 10.5mm bore ULTEM drip tip. Extending capability further, the Goon LP also includes a Stainless Steel Squonk Ready Center Pin that allows each RDA to be utilized with squonk systems (sold separately). Presenting an excellent balance of high quality craftsmanship, ambitious yet efficient designs, and top notch materials, 528 Customs' Goon LP RDAis a must have for any enthusiast and serious builder. Product Features:

  • 24mm Diameter

  • Innovative Two Post Build Deck

  • Horizontal Clamp Style Posts

  • Four Clamp Terminals Total

  • Easily Secure Large Leads

  • Gold Plated Posts for Conductivity

  • Purpose Built for Builders

  • Four Phillips Screws Per Post

  • Two Per Clamp

  • 3mm Deep Juice Well

  • Independent Juice Wells

  • PEEK Insulation

  • 20mm Inside Diameter Build Deck

  • Adjustable Airslots

  • Two Total

  • 11mm by 2mm Diameter Each

  • Three Piece Assembly

  • ULTEM Cap

  • Extremely Durable and Heat Resistant

  • Two Piece Assembly

  • Adjustable Airslots

  • 11mm by 2mm Each

  • 10.5mm Delrin Drip Tip

  • 24K Gold Plated 510 Contact

  • Squonk Ready 510 Pin Included

  • High Quality Stainless Steel Chassis

  • CNC Engraved

Product Specifications:

  • 24mm by 20mm

  • 20mm from Base to Drip Tip Port

Product Includes:

  • One 528 Customs Goon LP RDA

  • One ULTEM Cap Assembly

  • One Squonk Ready 510 Pin

  • Spare O-Ring and Screw Pack

  • Goon Carrying Pouch

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