The OSUB Plus has 80 watts of power, TC settings for Ni, Ti, and SS with adjustable TCR, and a non-removable 3300 mAh battery. The temp range is 200F-600F (100C-315C). There are also a heat settings for soft, min, max, hard or normal. Watts are adjusted in .1- or 1-watt increments, either by clicking the firing bar once (.1) or holding it (1 watt). It’s firmware upgradeable via a USB-port on the bottom display side of the mod. Unlike the OSUB 40W, you won’t have to remove the firing bar to access it.

The firing bar on the OSUB is not like the firing bar on the X Cube series. It has a very short throw (little effort to click) and the clickable portion is about 3/4 of the entire bar, starting from the top going down. The +/- buttons are little ball bearings are easy to use and feel.

The entire body is stout but hefty. It’s comfortable to hold in the hand being that it’s built on a c-frame. And the firing bar is polished which has an amazing contrast to the matte finish of the zinc alloy body. Lastly, the atomizer platform is 24 mm in diameter, which makes the Brit Beast sit flush and look clean.

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